The beautiful Cassie returns with a new creative approach to her art, debuting her anticipated self-titled short film, ‘Cassie.’ 

Visualizing a tale inspired by her new single “Love A Loser,” the Bad Boy singer/model handled the creative direction including the writing, styling, scoring and co-directing with Harrison Boyce. 

The 10-minute film follows two souls in a toxic relationship, fueled by escapism and passion, but rooted in nothing healthy. Shot in various locations throughout the Los Angeles area, including the desert, Chinatown, and Sunset Strip, Cassie showcases her acting talents alongside her male co-star, Cristoforo Donadi. 

Immersed in their relationship in the beginning, the honeymoon stage quickly deteriorates and emotions get the best of them.

cassie. (Short Film) by Cassie on VEVO.




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